Friday, February 26, 2010

I dream of spring...

Yesterday was one of those very confusing days. You know, a day where you look outside, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, the birds are singing...and you think, ah...a warm day. Nope, didn't happen. It was one of those days where all of those wonderful things happen and then you open the door and it hits you.....the COLD. So, here are some inspiring rooms to give spring a little nudge.

Doesn't this kitchen scream: "SPRING". Imagine preparing a nice lunch.....
and then eating that nice lunch alfresco under
this beautiful wisteria covered arbor...
and then taking a longggggggg nap in this
cozy room with the windows open.

Ah....someday...soon, I hope. Have a lovely day.
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

It's the little things that really count....surprises that you don't know what I mean. Ginger, who has an AMAZINGLY beautiful blog over at cottageonrosewood, put a really big smile on my face and just made me...well....HAPPY! She honored me with the Happy Award.

Ginger and I have a lot in common....we are both newbies in blog land, she loves her Daddy (who is super talented), ironstone is a passion for both of us, the list goes on... But, she is one of the amazing ladies who I have "met" since blogging who seems to have it all together and manages to raise 4 children along the way. Thank you to Ginger for being so sweet. So with out further ado, 10 things that make me HAPPY:

My amazing husband....who is also my very best friend.

My three amigos.

Living at Creeky Hollow Farm.


My Mama's cooking.....nobody does it like MAMA!!!!

Photo courtesy of Southern Living.

Playing poker....and of course, winning!
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Being near water...creeks, rivers and oceans all make me smile...
and mean another thing that makes me

Junking...searching for more ironstone :)

And lastly, blogs. I have really enjoyed spending time exploring blog land.
There are so many lovely people and unique places to look for ideas, inspiration, and
all of life's little moments. I am honored to be a part of it all and really honored
to be a recipient of the Happy Award. Thanks again Ginger. Be sure to check
out her blog over at

Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely Monday.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

I have a stalking problem

I hope I'm not alone with this little problem of mine. I do love for my house to look nice and I do love to have nice pretties, but I do NOT like to spend lots of money on something that I know I will eventually find at a less expensive price. One day I walked into our local small town thrift store...which is one of the best ever....and I saw a beautiful cushioned rocking chair. This chair was $40, which by our thrift store prices is a bit steep. I was tempted to buy the chair on the spot, but then I thought I could give it a few days, and stalk it. You know what I mean...check back to see if the price had dropped. Lucky for me, stalking worked to my advantage. I ended up snagging the vintage orange velour covered cushioned chair for $8.00. Everyone in my home loves rocking in this chair...especially now that the orange is gone. I guess my mentality was that if the chair disappeared while I was stalking, it wasn't meant to come home with me. Good thing I stalked at just the right time :)

The stalkee (is that a word) in all of her orange glory.

After a little fabric makeover.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eye Candy from a Kitchen

I love this kitchen. When we built our house, I tried to make the most of our small space. The kitchen was originally planned for 16 x 8 and ended up at 14 x 8 due to structural reasons. To say the's much smaller than our last kitchen. I only put upper cabinets on two sides and I am really glad I did. The kitchen, although small in size, seems open and airy due to all of the windows. Anyway, this kitchen is great and shows that a small space can be big on charm and appeal. Enjoy....

I love the corner window and the stained wood ceiling.
Look at this AWESOME light fixture.
Check out these cool stools.
All images courtesy of

Thanks for stopping by...have a great day...and try, try, try to stay warm.'s cold outside.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

All you need is...


Photo courtesy of

Wishing you lots of love, hugs, kisses, flowers, sweet treats,
and time spent with a special someone and family.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New old coffee table

So, this is the post I originally planned for last week. I found this really neat table/box thing with cool hardware at a place in Jasper called Nan's Outback. Literally, the table was out back...on the ground, under a tent. I ended up grabbing her for $20. For Christmas, I had her by the front door with the lid open, garland draped around her, and an old sled set upright inside the box portion. It looked really festive. Then I got to thinking that it would make a nice coffee table. The only problem was that the green on the lid just didn't go with our home's interior. So....a little paint, a little helper, and a little time was all it took.

My $20 box table with cool hardware and chippy paint on the lower portion.
My little "helper".
My little helper hard at work...look at those strokes of genius.
The finished product. Notice we only painted the top and left
the chippy white paint on the bottom as I found it.