Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New old coffee table

So, this is the post I originally planned for last week. I found this really neat table/box thing with cool hardware at a place in Jasper called Nan's Outback. Literally, the table was out back...on the ground, under a tent. I ended up grabbing her for $20. For Christmas, I had her by the front door with the lid open, garland draped around her, and an old sled set upright inside the box portion. It looked really festive. Then I got to thinking that it would make a nice coffee table. The only problem was that the green on the lid just didn't go with our home's interior. So....a little paint, a little helper, and a little time was all it took.

My $20 box table with cool hardware and chippy paint on the lower portion.
My little "helper".
My little helper hard at work...look at those strokes of genius.
The finished product. Notice we only painted the top and left
the chippy white paint on the bottom as I found it.


  1. I love the way the table turned out. What a bargin for $20!

    Your little helper is a cutie pie:-)


  2. Turned out fabulous!!! And it's nice you had help.

  3. What a delightful piece!!! I think your palette was perfect for the piece.


  4. Too cute! I love anything that you can repurpose and use in more than one spot.

  5. love the coffee table...enjoying your blog! I was born and raised in GA....which part are you from?

  6. Billie,

    This coffee table is stunning. What a great find and a wonderful painting job. Your helper is a cutey-patootey!