Thursday, February 18, 2010

I have a stalking problem

I hope I'm not alone with this little problem of mine. I do love for my house to look nice and I do love to have nice pretties, but I do NOT like to spend lots of money on something that I know I will eventually find at a less expensive price. One day I walked into our local small town thrift store...which is one of the best ever....and I saw a beautiful cushioned rocking chair. This chair was $40, which by our thrift store prices is a bit steep. I was tempted to buy the chair on the spot, but then I thought I could give it a few days, and stalk it. You know what I mean...check back to see if the price had dropped. Lucky for me, stalking worked to my advantage. I ended up snagging the vintage orange velour covered cushioned chair for $8.00. Everyone in my home loves rocking in this chair...especially now that the orange is gone. I guess my mentality was that if the chair disappeared while I was stalking, it wasn't meant to come home with me. Good thing I stalked at just the right time :)

The stalkee (is that a word) in all of her orange glory.

After a little fabric makeover.
Thanks for stopping by...have a great day.


  1. Looks great & you are NOT alone in your stalking habits!

  2. It looks great! Amazing the difference a little fabric can make.